Standards and regulations

Saudi Building Code

In implementation of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (279), dated 08.11.1425 AH corresponding to 19.02.2004 AD, to approve the general framework of the Saudi Building Code, the code was drawn up in two basic classifications:

  • Conditionality, symbolized by letters (SBC), and include the minimum required engineering standards for design, construction, operation, and maintenance, which drawn up and formulated in accordance with the requirements and regulations in force in the Kingdom.
  • Requirements, symbolized by letters (SBC), and include details of design and construction methods.
Saudi Building Code
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National Fire Protection Association

As recommended by the Saudi Building Code in some of its clauses, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards applied: It is an international non-profit organization dedicated to eliminate accidents resulting in death, injuries, and economic loss of property due to fire, electricity, and related hazards.

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